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Glider Flying

I'm a glider pilot, currently flying out of Front Royal, VA with the Skyline Soaring Club. I started flying in July 2006 and I got my private pilot certificate in April 2007. I am currently the part owner of H3, a Schleicher ASW-20C.

This page marks some of my personal records and interesting flights. While I don't expect my achievements to be particularly remarkable to other glider pilots, they make for a nice indicator of my progress.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a glider pilot, read my day in the life story. If you've ever wanted to be one, or just want to have a taste of silent flight, check out Skyline Soaring or look at the Soaring Society of America's Where to Fly page.

Personal Records:
Longest flight (time): 3 hours, 30 minutes
Longest flight (distance): 88.5 nautical miles
Highest flight: 13300ft AGL (18000ft MSL)
Highest flight (East coast): 11700ft (12700ft AGL)
Most altitude gained: 10300ft
Most altitude gained (East coast): 6700ft

Aircraft Flown:
Schleicher ASK-21
Grob G103
Schweizer SGS 1-36
Schweizer SGS 1-26C
Rolladen Schneider LS-4
Schempp-Hirth Open Cirrus
Schleicher ASW-20C

Places Flown:
Front Royal, VA (KFRR)
Petersburg, WV (W99)
Berryville, VA (61VA)
New Market, VA (8W2)
Minden, NV (KMEV)
Homestead, FL (X51)

You can also see my list of landouts.

Interesting flights:


Jason at 2008-01-14 15:12:44:
Mike, your website was recommended to me by a friend as "a glider pilot with a curious mind."

I too am addicted to gliding, and drew some pictures which you might appreciate.


email me at

Bob McDowell at 2009-01-30 03:42:27:

I downloaded your "Logbook". Great job. Much better than my feeble attempt. Question: How can I import aa CSV file into your logbook? I have almost 400 flights in my excel spreadsheet and I would hate to re-type this into the logbook.


mikeash at 2009-01-30 04:11:35:
Glad you're enjoying the program. Glidebook is really experimental at this point. Although I use it myself for all of my logging activity, it's incomplete in various ways and isn't intended for public consumption yet. If you're able to get some good use out of it, great!

Some sort of import functionality is an obvious thing to have, but it doesn't exist at the moment. Are you a programmer at all? I guess that you must have some skill in that area simply to download and build the program. Anyway, the source is all there, so if you're able and willing to add this yourself, I would love to have a patch. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you want more guidance as to how that would work. Another alternative would be to write a script that translates your CSV file into GlideBook's document format, which is a pretty straightforward Apple property list. Again, feel free to e-mail if you want more guidance on that.

Otherwise, if you aren't capable of working with that, I may add it myself. If I have another user, suddenly I have a reason to!

Diane Hansen at 2010-03-11 07:07:50:
Hi Mike,

I would have contacted you via e-mail but it bounced back. I noticed your blog and link to the Skyline Soaring Club in Front Royal, VA. As one of the champions of the sport of gliding and soaring, I thought you might want to share the intriguing line up of speakers that are coming to Wave Camp at SoaringNV in Minden, Nevada on your blog. I know the camp is some distance from Virginia, but your fellow enthusiasts may be interested. Please feel free to contact me at diane@wordaccomplice.com and I can send you the details.

Donnie Kee at 2012-09-24 05:43:43:
I enjoyed reading your log and watching several videos. I am not licensed but took a couple of flights from Durango Co 3 weeks ago while on vacation. I'm hooked. I live in East Texas which is a handicap but I've got to get back in the air. Guess I will be driving to Houston (2hrs) to take lessons. Thanks for sharing.

Donnie Kee

adam at 2017-06-01 10:54:56:
I downloaded your "Logbook". Great job. Much better than my feeble attempt. Question: How can I import aa CSV file into your logbook? I have almost 400 flights in my excel spreadsheet and I would hate to re-type this into the logbook.

Glider is Life at 2017-06-02 09:44:01:
I downloaded your "Logbook" too, I really love it.
In my case I'm an RC glider pilot, is not the same but it stil amazing, I Think.

Thanks for your post.

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