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Links to interesting sites

http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad.html - Home of VoodooPad. This program is great, it's like a notepad on steroids. You can type on multiple pages, and VoodooPad links them together automatically based on their titles. Great for documentation or just random thoughts.

http://www.cocoadev.com/ - Great site for Cocoa development on the Mac.

http://www.redvsblue.com/ - Red vs Blue is a weekly comedy show acted out in Halo. If you know what "Halo" is, it's a must-see. If you don't, don't bother.

http://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/index.htm - The SR-71 Flight Manual online. Read the real (slightly censored) flight manual for one of the most amazing airplanes ever built.

http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/ - SubEthaEdit, the best lightweight text editor for the Mac. As a bonus, SubEthaEdit lets you collaborate with another person (or many others) over the internet on the same document. Amazing stuff.

http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/fugu/ - Fugu is a free Mac SFTP client. When used with SubEthaEdit, you can transparently edit text files on a remote server. Great for writing web pages or programs on another computer.

http://www.macupdate.com/ - MacUpdate is a comprehensive list of Mac software. It's like VersionTracker, except it doesn't suck.

http://joar.com/certificates/ - How to set up encryption certificates with Mail.app in Mac OS X so that you can automatically sign and encrypt your mail with virtually no effort.

http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/ - A great book that will teach you how to use the Common Lisp programming language: available in printed form and free on the web.

http://slate.com/id/2120330 - Terminal Futility "Routine airport security won't thwart jihadists, but it does inconvenience and endanger the rest of us." The real deal on airport security, and why it's so useless.

http://www.pbones.com/writings/epguides/WTIA.php - When The Internet Attacks: amusing internet-related absurdity.

http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301711 - Apple Technote which describes how to keep your Mac from littering .DS_Store files all over your non-Mac network drives.

http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/ctrlh.html - Ever see somebody type out a bunch of ^H^H^H^H^H to indicate an ironic typing "mistake"? This explains the origins of this silliness^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H idea.

http://www.philzimmermann.com/zfone/ - Don't want the NSA or anybody else listening in on your phone calls? Grab Zfone plus a VoIP client such as Gizmo and you can make easy, encrypted calls for free.

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