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Assorted Poetry

Adrift and alone
Awake on the LAN
Complain and lament
I have no .plan
- Michael Ash, January 28, 1998, 10:54 AM

The hour is late
I have no life
I'm surfing the 'net
Embattled in strife.

I'm browsing the web
I'm reading the groups
I'm seeing the people
And rallying the troops.

I'm talking with fuglies
And putting them down
I nominate myself
With a golden crown.

Oh why, but, but why
Do I, spend this time
Out surfing the net
And thinking of rhyme?

Alas, I must go
To things I have been
There's battles to fight
And battles to win.
- Michael Ash, January 28, 1999, 11:14PM

I sit in the lab
I stare at the wall
Waiting for e-mail
Doing nothing at all

I'm bored! I'm bored!
This place is so small.
I'm bored! I'm bored!
Doing nothing at all.

I came in to my work
Came in from the hall
Sat down at a box
Doing nothing at all.

Nobody needs help.
Nobody at all
I'm bored! I'm bored!
Doing nothing at all.
- Michael Ash, January 29, 1999, 1:42PM

Fly high above the mountain chain
Fly high above the valleys
Flitting, wheeling, through the rain
Above the world, I soar

Raindrops hit my gilded wings
Rolling off, they laugh
Endless, endless, endless things
They are all a joy to see

Spread about below, the earth
Shaking, moving, full of glee
Amazing, wonderful, dynamic place
I am it; it is me.
- Michael Ash, February 1, 1999, 3:35PM

Condemn, condone
Be not alone
Your judgement of others
Means nothing to you.

Your friends, enemies
Down on their knees
You're so important
You are so few.
- Michael Ash, February 3, 1999, 1:30PM

2 + 2 = fish
I've found a remarkable proof of this fact, but there is not enough space
in this .plan to write it.

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