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Corporate Training, NYC Workshop, and Book Update
by Mike Ash  

I'm afraid I ran out of time for Friday Q&A this week. Will shoot for next week instead. Instead, I present a little update about various other things in my world.

Over at Plausible Labs, we're introducing a corporate training program, where companies can bring us (me, mostly) in to teach their programmers the same sort of wild and wonderful stuff I blog about. We're concentrating on Swift, since it's the hot new thing, but we can do any topic we know about if there's demand. If you work at a company that might be interested in having us, or just know of one, please get in touch. It's all the Friday Q&A goodness you love, concentrated, personalized, and made huggable.

On a similar note, we have another Swift workshop coming up in New York City on Friday, September 29th. Come to this one and I'll teach you all about the deeper darker secrets of protocols, generics, introspection, pointers, and more. Check out the workshop event page for more info or to get tickets.

Finally, the next edition of The Complete Friday Q&A is coming very close to completion. I need to get a cover finished for it, and then there's some administrative mumbo jumbo for getting an ISBN and uploading it and such, and I need to write a few more little secret bonus pages, and then it should be ready to go. I will, of course, announce it here when it's available. Stay tuned!

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