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Objective-C Literals in Serbo-Croatian
by Mike Ash  

Reader Anja Skrba from Webhostinggeeks.com has translated my Objective-C Literals article into Serbo-Croatian. It's always fun to see translations of my writing, even when I can't understand them at all. If you do understand Serbo-Croatian, or know someone who does, check it out. The Serbo-Croatian version of Objective-C Literals is available on Webhostinggeeks.com.

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Seems as even children goes to learn Objective-C in Serbia and/or in Croatia ;) I mean - according to my last summer vocation in Croatian islands - even taxi drivers are able to speak English fluent, so I guess Croatian and Serbian programmers must be just "monsters" in English and should not need any translations ;)....
Anyway - article is brilliant (as always). Thanks!
Don't forget that tourist areas are going to have a much higher incidence of English fluency on average. In any case, it can be nice to read something in one's native language even if you speak something else.
It's a poor translation :( Serbian is my native language and I have problem to understand some parts.
Serbian as a mother tongue here and I can confirm Miroslav's comment. At moments it looks like it have been translated by Google Translate or some machine translator. Good effort, but takes more polishing.
Croatian is my native tongue and I am long time Cocoa programer. That is not written in Serbo-Croatian language. It is written in Serbian, please correct that. Thanks.
Hi Mike!

As Danko wrote, this is not Serbo-Croatian (there is no such language) - your article is translated to Serbian. Mentioning Croatian language in this context is meaningless.

Serbs can understand Croatians and vice versa. Nothing else matters.
It's always a great move to share some good staff to others who is eager to grab such kind of information. I has been waiting a long time for some one who can transfer the blog posts into Japanese.

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