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Tags: c evil ioccc lisp
by Mike Ash  

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is a contest with the goal of creating the most unreadable, difficult-to-understand C program possible. Aside from being difficult to understand, the judges tend to prefer programs which do clever or interesting things, or which do mundane things in clever, interesting, or weird ways.

The winners of this year's IOCCC contest were recently announced, and to my great shock and delight, my entry was chosen as a winner!

My entry, described on the site as a "Self-printing LISP interpreter", won in the category of "Best use of parenthesis". The source code for the entries is not officially available yet, but I've made it available on my web site. For the source code to the entry, see here. And for an explanation of exactly what it is and what it does, see here.

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