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See Me Speak at Voices That Matter in Boston
by Mike Ash  

My spoken version of Defensive Programming in Cocoa at Voices That Matter in Seattle this spring was popular enough that I've been invited back to speak again at Voices That Matter in Boston this November. If you'd like to come, sign up with Priority Code BSTSPK2 to get $150 off. If you combine that with Early Bird pricing through September 30th, your total price is only $395. As an extra bonus, I get a small kickback if you use my code!

The session page" is a little sparse at the moment, but it should fill out. The talk will be essentially the same as the one from this spring, with various small updates and changes.

Hope to see you there!

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When Mike gave this talk in Seattle in the spring, his session scored a 4.9 out of a perfect five.

And, pardon me for sharing, but here are some of the comments:

“Loved the blend of theory and the breaks of applications. Mike really knows his stuff.”
“This was a great session – full of little gotchas and fixes which helped me realize why some of our code was written the way it was, and made me notice several problems with it.”
“Mike really knows his shit. Impressive talk. Incredible talk.”

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