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VoodooPad Acquisition
by Mike Ash  

I hope you'll all excuse this brief excursion from hardcore technical content. Over at Plausible Labs we have acquired VoodooPad, the personal wiki app previously from Flying Meat.

I've been using VoodooPad for about ten years now, which is a pretty amazing amount of time. I use it for all sorts of stuff, from storing random snippets of text to writing articles for this very blog. I'm really pleased that we're able to take over development on it and hope to do right by all the existing and new users.

For more information, you can see my announcement on Plausible's blog, my longer post on Plausible's blog, and Gus's announcement on his blog.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming craziness.

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Gah, what happened to the styles!

Just wanted to post to say that, on your rec, I downloaded VoodooPad and decided to buy it!

If I may make a feature request, you guys have gotta get on the hump with the iOS version! I wish I had Evernote's note editor glued onto VoodooPad's wiki system.
A long time Mac (non App store version) user - and hoping for the best from this step forward.

Good luck, and here's to progress without the loss of VP elegant simplicity.

I know this is way late as comments go, but thanks for taking on Voodoo Pad. I've done two book length writing/research projects on VP as well as thousands of pages of this and that notes. The way it had been going the last year or so (slow updates etc.) I was really worried that VP would be abandoned. So thanks, I look forward to new progress on a favourite program.

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