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Michael Ash's OS X Software
PongSaver. A screensaver which displays the time by playing a game of Pong and ensuring that the two sides score at the right moment to make the scores match the current hours and minutes.
LiveDictionary (retired). A Safari plugin that adds easy dictionary lookups to your browser. Point your mouse cursor to a word, and its definition or translation appears in a popup window. It offers access to a wide range of dictionaries, including English, technical terms, and bilingual dictionaries.
ChemicalBurn. Simulate a transportation network in your computer's spare time with this colorful, fast OpenGL-accelerated screensaver.
QTAmateur. A simple, bare-bones QuickTime video player and converter. Features a Batch Export feature that can be used to easily convert a large quantity of videos to any format that QuickTime can export.
GPULife. This is a screensaver which displays Conway's Game of Life. It is unique in that it runs the rules of Life entirely on the video card, rather than on the CPU as is normally done. As a result of this, it has enormous system requirements compared to other Life programs, but it runs fast and uses almost no CPU time.
Creatures. This is an artificial life program. Animals live in Creatures' artificial world, seeking food, reproducing, and trying not to die. Each animal is controlled by a small computer program; the animal's brain. Occasionally, an animal's program is mutated at random. Most of the time, the mutation is bad: the program stops working, and the animal dies. But sometimes, the change is useful, and the animal passes its changed program on to its children. Successful changes spread through the population, and the animals evolve. Design your own artificial worlds, write your own programs in a custom assembly language, and explore the process of evolution and natural selection.
App Switcher. This is a program switcher that lets you change between the programs running on your system using the keyboard. For fans of Proteron's LiteSwitch, or the Windows Alt-Tab, this program is for you!
Turmites Screen Saver. This is a goofy little screen saver based on a theoretical machine from computer science. It creates colorful patterns using very simple rules.
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