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Source code for Mac OS X (Cocoa)


All of my newest stuff is located on github. All sorts of useful libraries can be found there. https://github.com/mikeash/.

Subversion Repository

More source code can be found in my public subversion repository. This includes the source code to my screensavers ChemicalBurn and GPULife, as well as other projects in varying degrees of completeness. Some projects exist in both github and subversion. In that case, the github project is always more up-to-date.


MAKeyedArchiver is a drop-in replacement for NSKeyedArchiver that provides significant speed and file size benefits. If you're frustrated by bad performance using NSKeyedArchiver on large object graphs, MAKeyedArchiver might be what you need.

MAKeyedArchiver is free for all uses. If you redistribute the source code, please retain attributions and the README file. Otherwise, you are free to redistribute it as you wish.

Details of how to use MAKeyedArchiver are in the README file. The short version: add the files to your project, write or #define one function, link against libz and libcrypto, and you're ready to go.

Download MAKeyedArchiver. (10k .tgz)


AEVTBuilder is a mini-language implemented in Objective-C which allows the easy construction of Apple Events. For more information on how to use it, see the CocoaDev entry.

Download AEVTBuilder.


CornerViewScrollView is a subclass of NSScrollView that lets you put a custom view in the upper-right corner, between the top of the vertical scroller and the top of the scroll view itself. Useful for putting small utility buttons in out-of-the-way places of your window.

See the source:

Unless stated otherwise in the individual files or packages, source code downloaded from this page is free for all uses and redistribution with no restrictions.


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