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by Mike AshTags: content-free
The cyclic functions which underlie my life all seem to have come to a maximum recently. Friday Q&A being one that I can most easily control, I've decided to skip this week to concentrate on the rest. I hope to return next week, although as usual, no promises.

by Mike AshTags: content-free
Due to personal reasons, Friday Q&A will not be published this week. While I make no promises, I expect to resume the regular schedule next week. I will be more likely to resume the regular schedule if I have some good ideas to work with, so send them in!

Name/comment conflict at 2005-01-24 00:00
by Mike AshTags: humor content-free
Going through some code, I came across a function called AtomicReplaceDirectory. The very first line of this function was a comment that said:

note, despite the name, this is *not* atomic.

Isn't it great when the name and the comments are at odds?
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