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Plausible Labs is Hiring at 2012-01-18 15:38
by Mike AshTags: advertisement jobs minions
Plausible Labs, creators of fine software and employer of me, is looking for a software engineer in New York City or San Francisco. Do you like to create fine software? Do you want to join a worker-owned cooperative filled with great people? Do you want to work with a guy who writes a blog? If so, check out our announcement.

by Mike AshTags: advertisement jobs minions
If you like reading my blog, perhaps you would enjoy working with me as well. Rogue Amoeba is currently hiring.

Rogue Amoeba Is Hiring at 2009-12-18 06:54
by Mike AshTags: jobs minions advertisement
As some of you already know, I work for Rogue Amoeba, and it just so happens that we're hiring.
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