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Good News, Bad News, and Ugly News
by Mike Ash  

The good news is that I'm officially restarting work on The Complete Friday Q&A: Volume II. I got partway into it a while ago and ran out of steam. The restarted edition includes all posts made since then, making it pretty massive. I can't commit to a specific timeframe, but I hope that it will be a few months at most before I have it out. There may be opportunities for reader involvement in checking and polishing it, so watch this space.

The bad news is that I can't keep up with new blog posts at the same time. It just hasn't worked out. That's part of why I've been quiet lately, and so I'm suspending regular posts for the duration. I may make occasional irregular posts in the meantime (I'm sure WWDC will have something worth discussing) and I'll resume a more regular schedule once the book is done.

The ugly news is... there is no ugly news, that was just a pointless movie reference. Don't panic!

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Ok. I'll fast forward the time in my time machine. See you in a bit.
Look forward the next post (and book!).
Thanks for all your blog posts and everything you do for the community.
Phew! For a scary moment I thought you were going to be packing it in so very glad that it's only a hiatus. I look forward to it returning. I'm a self taught programmer and this blog has introduced in a practical way many concepts and techniques that I doubt I'd otherwise have came across. Thanks!
Hey, Mike! Take your time, do it when it feels fun, don't force yourself to do something unenjoyable. Thanks for all the posts!
Look forward the next post too! :-)
Take your time. We care more about quality than quantity.
Looking forward to the book!
Never have I been so excited. It's sad but true. Although I'm glad you're taking your time.
I'm glad you're taking your time. Hopefully it’s news can be received by many people because it's very useful.
Thank Mike!
Looking forward for your next post. I'm so excited for it.
I haven't checked in in awhile but just wanted to show my support. We only have so much time Mike and need to pick and choose so it's understandable. Looking forward to the book. :)
Fantastic work... Thanks!!
Hi Mike, how’s Volume II coming up? Hope you’re doing great and still working on it. Volume I already turned into a reference book for me.
I'm still alive and still working on it! I'd say I'm most of the way there at this point. No ETA, but I sure hope I can get it out and resume regular posts before the anniversary of this one!
That’s good news, Mike! Thanks for the response.
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