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Tags: cocoa distributed messaging networking
SocketObjC: A Networkable Messaging Library
by Mike Ash  

Reader Steven Degutis was inspired by my post about Distributed Objects and decided to make something that avoided those pitfalls. The result is SocketObjC, a remote messaging library that uses continuation passing style to achieve full asynchronous messaging. I haven't tried it, but it's worth checking out.

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No link to SocketObjC itself.
There it is.
Yeah, I had a brain fart when I first wrote the post and forgot to include the link. Got it fixed shortly afterwards, but I guess you hit the window of opportunity.
"Instead of exceptions, problems are simply ignored"


I consider that a feature. But as mentioned in the proceeding sentence, if you want to handle problems, you can easily modify the code to do so, especially considering it's open source. If you really dig exceptions, go throw in some exception-throwing into the code. If you're like me and would prefer to use something like a notification or a block-callback for things like timeouts, then you can add that too. SocketObjC doesn't force any one way of problem-handling on you like DO does.
Anyone seen an up to date link for the library? It seems to have vanished...
The author seems to have found religion in a way which has adversely affected his online presence, for some reason. Not sure where the code might still be found. For a kinda-sorta similar idea, you may be interested in MAAsyncIO:

SocketObjC was terrible and buggy and beyond repair so I deleted it for everyone's sake.

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