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by Chris LiscioTags: fridayqa audio fft guest
In the last post in this mini-series, Mike gave an overview of the Fourier Transform and then showed you how to use Apple's implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).

by Mike AshTags: fridayqa audio coreaudio
Last time around I discussed the basics of audio data, how to get it, and how to understand it. Today, I'm going to go into some detail about one of the fundamental tools for more complex audio analysis, the fourier transform, and the FFT algorithm that makes it practical to use on computers.

by Mike AshTags: fridayqa audio coreaudio
Continuing the multimedia data processing trend, today I'm switching over to audio. A reader known as Derek suggested a discussion on how to obtain and interpret audio data, which is what I'll cover today.

Why CoreAudio is Hard at 2006-10-19 00:00
by Mike AshTags: audio coreaudio rant
I wrote this post over in comp.sys.mac.programmer.help, then realized that it would make a pretty decent blog post as well. I have edited it slightly to work as a blog post rather than as a newsgroup post. If you've ever wondered why CoreAudio is so difficult to use and why it can't be simple and easy like CoreImage or CoreVideo, read on.
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