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The Mac Toolbox: Followup at 2012-01-20 16:14
by Gwynne RaskindTags: nostalgia oldschool classic toolbox guest followup
Welcome back to Friday, NSBlog readers. Here's the promised followup to my article last week about the Mac Toolbox, where I do a line-by-line analysis of the code from the original article, alongside Mike's Friday Q&A for this week.

by Gwynne RaskindTags: fridayqna nostalgia oldschool classic toolbox guest
Hi again, readers of NSBlog! This is my first guest post of 2012, and also my first one writing the introduction myself. I plan to do posts every two weeks, alternating with Mike's to bring back the once-a-week format. This week, at my own suggestion, I'm doing a historical piece on the original programming environment for Macs: The Mac Toolbox. Time for a trip down memory lane!
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